Passover... it represents the redemption of G-ds' people (Jew and Gentile) by the blood of the Lamb.  The second feast, Unleavened Bread, beginning the next evening  represents the body of the Lord ("This bread is my body...;  I am the bread of life...")  The third feast is First Fruits, called Easter in Christendom.  It occcurs on the Sunday  following Passover and symbolizes the first of the early spring crops, a resurrection of life, as it were.  Our Lord commemorated each of these feasts in an especially appropriate way at the termination of His earthly ministry.  He was crucified on the day of Passover, buried on the beginning day of Unleavened Bread, and resurrected on the day of First Fruits.

Is the Passover Blood Moon a sign of a world-shattering event about to happen in Israel, or a sign of the end of days?  We don’t know, but we rest assured in the sovereignty of God.

In our Temple, Tikvah l'Chaim, we read a meditation that begins;  'Be not afraid of sudden terror, nor of the storm that strikes the wicked.  Do your shall not succeed; make your shall not prevail; for G-d is with us'.  "Even in your old age, will I be the same; when your hairs are gray, I will sustain you still [says the Lord].   I have created you, and I will carry you; I will sustain you and save you".

How Mighty is our God!   If you don't yet know Him, call us at Tikvah and we will share our knowledge of Him. with you.  If you already know Him and wish to rededicate yourself to HIm, call us and we will rejoice with you. 

Whenever He returns, may He find us ready -   Chase the Lion! 










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